Coby Coby is an experienced massage therapist. She did most of her training in Bristol, initially with BMCB. After qualifying she chose  to follow more in depth courses like deep tissue and mobilisation with Darian Pritchard and Andy Fagg.  She obtained the Indian Head Massage qualification, which she includes in her regular treatments. Before moving back to Holland Coby joined a one day pregnancy massage course with Suzanne Yates.

Back in Holland the babies and pregnant ladies kept her interest. She soon started a baby massage teachers course. Teaching is what she is familiar  with,  still teaching at two  primary schools.

After finishing the Shantala Baby massage course, Coby enjoyed helping new born mums with their babies. Sometimes in a group, sometimes one to one.

Until this moment the interest in pregnancy massage was still there. She tried a warm water matrass and got really good feedback. With her BCMB training Coby could give a good pregnancy massage, but she wanted more, more in-depth. she wanted to know what she could do when a lady has issues and challenges. She could go back to Bristol but choose to go to Den Haag for a 7 day training focused on pregnancy massage, a course focused on the spiritual side of pregnancy. She enjoyed the course but there still was a hunger for more knowledge about pregnancy. After a year Coby decided to go back to Bristol, back to Suzanne Yates for an intensive 4 days pregnancy and shiatsu course. She again obtained a lot of knowledge and had a great time. She fell in love with working on the floor. Her whole philosophy about pregnancy massage changed.

Back home she started working on the floor more and more, sometimes using the warm water matrass on the floor. She started working together with a yoga school and different people.

At the moment she likes to work with pregnant ladies and babies. But enjoys her holistic massages too!

In her free time Coby likes to dance the Five Rhythms and Contact Improvisation. In the last one she learns a lot about the moving body, this knowledge she can use in her daily work. Coby likes to find a bridge between massaging and dancing…


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