Tummy-ache massage

Massage tips for obstipation, colic and cramps

 When a baby has cramps or colic the following massage routine might help your baby. Try to do this technique every day so you and your baby are feeling comfortable with it.

1.   Strike 6 to 12 times  hand over hand over the tummy. Put both of your hands on top of each other on the  soft part of the tummy (focus on the left side) and vibrate the tummy softly.


with warm and soft hands..

with warm and soft hands..

2.   Take both legs of your baby and push them gently in the tummy with the knees, for about 30 seconds. Then turn them round clockwise.

3.   Put your hand just above the navel and massage a half moon, start on his right side and go clockwise to the left side. Do this about 6 times. Or with your index finger and middle finger turn little clocks and go again from his right to his left (your left to his right). When your child is bigger, you can use your whole hand.

4.   Again take both legs of your baby and push them gently in the tummy with the knees for about 30 seconds and then turn them round clockwise.

Try to use this massage routine every day. It’s good to practise when your baby doesn’t have any cramps or colic. You can make a habit of practising while you are changing nappies.



  •  Make sure your hands are nice and warm. Put one hand under babies back and put one hand on his tummy. You can do this too with a warm towel or a hotwater bottle.
  • Put your baby with his tummy on your lower arm and rub on his back.