Breathing during pregnancy can make you more aware of your baby and the changes in

paper cutting Art by Zhang Xiaohng

Finding your space, let your breath fill the space.

your own body. Some of you have a special pregnancy cd, I used one with both of my pregnancy’s. When I listen to the music now, I still get the nice feeling of feeling relaxed. First find yourself a comfortable position, this can be sitting or lying down, either on your back, if this is comfortable, or on your side, preferably your left side. Some pregnant women are totally in love with the ball and have a favourite position to be completely comfortable. Find your own way. Be aware how you sit or lay on the floor; are your shoulders relaxed? Is your jaw relaxed? A relaxed jaw is a relaxed pelvic. Put your hand on your tummy and try to breath to your hands. Breath slowly and try to find your own breath. It might be useful to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Make sure your abdomen expands while breathing in and contracts when you breathe out. First just put your hands on your lower abdomen and feel for a while. After this try to breath in a bit deeper and try to breath out slowly. A bit slower than normal. Your hands can help. While breathing in, your hands go out and with breathing in your hand can draw in gently. This makes it a bit easier to breathe out slowly.

Be aware of your baby, when you breathe in try to  visualize his or her position. If  she/he is in a good position imagine her/his position and visualize her/him gradually going deeper in your pelvic. Visualize how she/he looks, her/his hands, fingers, tummy, how she/he is attached to you with the umbilical cord. When you breathe in think about the oxygen going round her/him and tickle her/his cheeks.

You can do this exercise with your partner, he can sit behind your, or when you are lying on the floor he can sit next to you with both hands on your tummy. When you do this together, first sit and breathe for a moment. After a couple of minutes he can put his hand on your shoulders and/or legs for a minute. Then he can move to your tummy. The other thing you can do, is hold his hands and when you are ready, put his hands on your tummy. You can breathe together while listening to music. You can do this with closed eyes or while looking at each other.  You can do this in silence, but you can talk about the baby too. If you choose for a conversation, let it be a good one, no chit chat, but talk to the baby, about being born or how big she/he is.

When you are ready, take of the hands slowly and with love.

Take your time for this precious moment and enjoy the bonding together.


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