I kiss you, and you kiss me… will you kiss me back?

In this part of the website you can find some useful information about the treatments I give and exercises you can do during your pregnancy or during labour. Some of the exercises  are useful too after giving birth. Some exercises might not feel right for you, choose your exercises you like at this moment. This can change during pregnancy; maybe one might feel okay today, but won’t be tomorrow. Ideally it’s good to practice every day, either a breathing exercise or a visualisation. You are unique in this pregnancy so do what feels right for you. If something doesn’t fit now, it might fit you tomorrow or next week.

Please be aware that you are responsible for you own body. If you think an exercise doesn’t suit you, than don’t do it.

You can do these exercises with your partner, alone or even with your kids when they are around. To make your space comfortable use pillows, try to warm up your room and put nice relaxing music on. During my massages I use music. You can always ask for the music, or bring your own music with you when you come for a massage.

breathing together

Breathing together, talking to the baby inside…

If you plan for a homebirth you can imagine your birth while doing the exercises. Birth  might go easier when you have your birth plan clear in your head.  You can think of smell, environment and music . When you have your plan on paper or discussed it with your birth partner, you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on giving birth. You can do the same for a hospital birth, feel free to bring your incense  or music with you.

Use whatever is useful to you, whenever it is useful for you. Listen to your body and to your baby.

I’ve included some nice drawings with different positions you can try. You can find them useful in your pregnancy and during labour.

This is real... it's no me anymore...YOU and ME will become WE

This is real… it’s no me anymore…YOU and ME will become WE