**Massage with your partner or your baby**

This is really something special. I offer a partner massage, you can come together to my practise and I’ll massage you together with your partner. This can be your partner or someone else close to you.  I’ll give instructions in a gentle and friendly way. I’ll teach your partner some strokes and holdings you can use during labour.

The second special thing is a massage with your new-born baby. You come together, or I’ll come to you. First we have a chat about how birth was and how you both are doing. The baby cloud is not always pink and sometimes a little chat about it can be useful.  After the chat I’ll invite you both on the futon and if you are happy with it I can massage you both.

A massage for you and your baby…

yes.. I know.. we know this place..

yes.. I know.. we know this place..

Sara: This was such a special and unique experience I would recommend every mother to go to Coby with her baby…