Pregnancy massage

Soft hands...

Soft hands…

There are different reasons why a mum-to-be comes to my practice for a massage. I’ll tell you a bit more about it.Some women will book one in their last trimester for relieve and relaxation; Others get massaged during their whole pregnancy, sometimes because they have regular massages and want to keep receiving them;  others have a busy job and want to take time for relaxation, connection and bonding with their own body as well as with their baby. It is safe to receive a massage in all three trimesters of pregnancy. In all cases discuss whether it’s safe to receive a massage; do call or email  if you are in any doubt. Your baby grows best when you are in relaxation.

…A pregnancy massage is a lovely way

for connecting with your baby…

pressure where you need it..

pressure where you need it..

A pregnancy massage is relaxing and soothing, we can use all different kind of positions and techniques. I massage from a holistic point of view which means that I see you as an individual and all my massages are tailored to you. I see you as a whole, and take into account your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as your physical body. Every treatment is unique and that makes me creative and focused on your wellbeing. We work together!

…During the treatment we can focus on breathing and relaxation techniques which can support you to relax and tune into your body…

Treatments take place lying on a futon or the massage table, with cushions for support and comfort.  I use a pregnancy ball too. The ball is really nice for leaning over while I massage your back.

Working on the ball, a mum-to-be reacts:

… This is really nice, it feels for me like lying on my tummy, I hardly feel pregnant…

There are many benefits of massage for both mother and baby.  You can come when you have physical issues as well as emotional challenges.

Sore back
Shoulders and neck
Sleeping problems
Anxiety Sciatica
General stress and strain
Feeling out of breath
Restless legs
Pelvic issues
Body awareness


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