Firstly I would like to thank Suzanne Yates for using her drawings in postions with your partner. I asked her if I could use the name and she said yes! Thank you Suzanne.

Sara and Djurre for using pictures of them being pregnant and with their lovely baby. And another thank you for Sara for reading my website. She is a great mum and midwife!

Becky Gouvverneur for the babymassage pictures, it was great massaging your lovely baby.




Pregnancy and childbirth                      Suzanne Yates

Shiatsu for midwives                              Suzanne Yates

 Beautiful Birth                                        Suzanne Yates

 The new pregnancy and childbirth    Sheila Kitzinger

Wisdom of the body Moving                Linda Hartley

Veilig bevallen                                         Beatrijs Smulders

Duik in je weeen!                                   Carita Salome/ Juliette de Wit


Babymassage                                         Julia woodland

 Shantala babymassage                     Frederick Leboyer

The folder of Maatschap Shantala

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